Website Market Valuator Webapp launched

BCE’s Valuator launched

Billows Cyber Enterprises is pleased to launch the BCE Valuator for websites. Using a combination of analytics the BCE Valuator calculates an estimate about the dollar valuation for a particular website. The service is free and is intended to be a fun way to estimate what a website may be worth.

This tool cannot be taken with any kind of authority. The BCE Evaluator is useful as a gauge only to compare sites against your expectations and against each other. The reality is that the true evaluation of any website is the dollar value that a buyer is willing to pay to acquire the property from you. You might say that your website is worth much more than what the Evaluator says and you may be right because you find yourself a buyer who is willing to pay your price. The sale price is the only true metric of a website’s value.

The orignal Valuator was established in July 2018 and after some tweaking to its valuations had its data reset in February 2020. Its focus is on hobbyist, entertainment websites.